Introducing Gatsby

Premium Low-Calorie Chocolate

About Gatsby Chocolate

  • 2 – 3X less calories
  • 3 – 4X less sugar
  • Vegan friendly
  • Keto approved
  • Mind-blowing flavor

Top Retailer Benefits

  • Standout branding for strong shelf presence
  • Products always in stock
  • Online, self-serve order portal
  • Easy repeat purchases
  • Records of communication, orders, invoices and payment auto-link to one place
Gatsby Almond Dark Chocolate

Ordering Inventory of Gatsby Chocolate is Always Easy, with SABX

What is SABX?

SABX is a digital ordering platform designed for brand manufacturers such as Gatsby—and the independent retailers who order from them. SABX gives you an easy, fast and direct way to receive special offers, place wholesale orders and check out online.

What Benefits Do You Get with SABX?

  • Order online, on your time, and message your sales rep whenever you need.
  • Never miss discounts, promotions or special pricing offers.
  • Keep up with orders, invoices, payment and communication – all in one place.
    Gatsby Chocolate

    Less Time on Orders. More Time For Your Business.

    1. View Gatsby’s wholesale order requirements
    2. See products, offers, products, prices, and special discounts
    3. Add products to your cart and check out with ease

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