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Are you tired of the manual weight of doing business?

So are we.


We’re Here to Simplify

Unlock productivity by taking your business online with SABX, where you can manage and track B2B orders, communication and payment with ease. SABX enables you, your suppliers, and your customers to log into one platform for seamless, private and direct selling and buying.

Simplify order processing with digital commerce tools

Streamline and amplify communication

Handle it all with peace of mind, online and on the go


Manual for Digital

Complexity is cost. Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers rely on SABX to streamline communication, simplify ordering and spend less time on busy work. Find out how your company manage B2B communication and commerce activities digitally, on one platform.


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Reimagining the Status Quo

“We started by asking, what if.  What if companies could handle B2B sales, orders and communication from a central hub?  What if it could happen without data entry, reconciliation … errors?  Our teams could spend more time managing the business and mastering relationships.  That’s why we built SABX.”


What You Get with SABX

A core set of digital tools that optimize your business with speed and efficiency.


SABX Connect

Streamlined Communication

More than messaging. SABX is a platform for seamless, efficient collaboration across your business network. Gain complete visibility and power to cascade product, promotion and pricing updates to any or all of your connections with a click.



B2B Sales Reimagined

More flexible than an ecommerce website or traditional marketplace. We offer the tools to sell and buy online through stores curated for your business. Track and manage orders from easy-to-use dashboards.



Foundational Support Tools

Rest easy with enterprise-grade security and encryption, custom permissions, flexible plans, reporting insights and a free mobile app for every user. The SABX customer care team is here for you, with access to a care manager for every account.

What Matters Most to Your Business?

We’re confident the SABX ecosystem can address your needs. Feel free to get in touch, and let us know the parts of your business you feel have the most to gain. 


We’ve Been There

“As former CPG manufacturers, we know the costly inefficiency of dated order management practices. Hours of calls, emails, travel and meetings, just to present offers and take orders, with too much paperwork and manual data entry along the way. With SABX, B2B sellers and their buyers can manage all of that activity online, and reclaim time for higher-value activities.”


Sell and Buy with More Visibility and Control


Connect Your Business Network

SABX enables you to create a virtual ecosystem for doing business with whom you want, when you want. Connections are private and permission-based, and it’s easy to invite anyone inside or outside your organization. Simply ask to connect. Recipients accept or deny the connection. You control the access.


Collaborate on Your Terms

SABX filters out the noise of other communication tools and gives you power to share updates, see feedback and track conversations in real time, from one place. You can cascade information throughout your network with a click, and gain visibility into communication by order, topic, store, supplier, customer and more.    


Sell and Buy Through Custom Stores

With SABX, sellers and buyers manage orders through custom online stores. Packed with the advanced pricing, private access, payment terms and other options B2B requires, stores are the portal to an easy, efficient and direct order management experience.


Manage Orders Digitally

Set payment processing methods and begin sending and receiving orders. On SABX, sellers and buyers can view order status and communicate in real time as they move through the platform.


Take Back Your Time

Put an end to the manual labor of B2B. Simplify your business, and free your team to build relationships and find new opportunities.


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Thank you for your interest in SABX! We'll be in contact soon to schedule a demo at your convenience.

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Why CPG Likes SABX

“SABX is a major productivity tool for us —communicating with clients, outlets and facilitating orders — because it’s all at our fingertips.  SABX allows us to operate in business the way we operate in our personal lives — on mobile and social.”

Hal Kravitz

Senior Vice President, CMG / C Store / Inside Sales at Advantage Solutions

We're here to simplify

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