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Automate B2B and wholesale order management with SABX, where you spend less time tracking and reconciling orders manually—and more time growing your business.

Sell More for Less Cost. No Coding Required!

  • Simplify your day-to-day
  • Call on more customers
  • Drive sales
  • Gain time for what’s next

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How it Works

Private and Direct Selling and Buying

With SABX, you and your customers manage B2B sales, communication, orders and payment from one online hub. Order management, sales communication and payment processes are embedded in the online workflow. No more data entry, reconciliation or errors!

What You Get


Connect and communicate with partners, vendors and customers. Send product, promotion and pricing updates to any or all connections with a click.


Sell and buy through online stores personalized for your business. Track and manage orders from easy-to-use dashboards.


Enterprise-grade security, custom permissions, reporting insights and access to a SABX customer care manager for every account.


Coming Soon: The place where sellers and buyers network, learn and discover new business.

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Learn how Hempvana, America’s #1 fastest-selling pain relief brand, is taking wholesale orders online, with SABX.

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Gatsby Chocolate

Gatsby Chocolate

Learn how this low-calorie premium chocolate brand created by Halo-Top Co-Founder Doug Bouton is automating wholesale orders, with SABX.

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SABX Featured in Forbes Article

SABX Featured in Forbes Article

SABX was recently featured in a Forbes article titled, “If You’re Serious About Scaling Your Business, Get Serious About Sales Order Automation.”

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