SABX :: A Digital Xchange

Manage B2B selling and buying from one platform

Save Time and Money

We created SABX digital Xchange to boost selling and buying efficiency, significantly reduce operating expenses and give your company a tool for direct, real-time interaction and transaction with key decision makers throughout your ecosystem. SABX makes workplace selling and buying easy, efficient and direct.

SABX :: A Digital Xchange


Create public or private stores specific to buyer channel, region or program requirements. You'll gain the flexibility to control pricing, margins and logistics, without disrupting the way you service buyers today.


Log in to one platform for a seamless purchasing experience with all sellers. No more funneling from website to email to sales meeting to stay up to date on products and place orders. SABX has all you need in one place.


Interact at scale with 1000s of buyers in real time. Capture and retain complete records of topic- and order-specific communication. Give buyers a simple-to-use tool for 1:1 communication with key decision makers.


  • You and your sales team can manage all sales interactions and transactions anytime, anywhere, from one platform.
  • Use SABX tools to create public or private online stores, customized for buyers, channels or geographies, where you gain 100% control over pricing, margins and buyer communication. Easier to build than a single website, and flexible to accommodate your complete business strategy.
  • Create unlimited buyer connections and communicate at scale with ease and efficiency.
  • Gain real-time, 1:1 interaction with buyers throughout your ecosystem and clean, actionable data on their decisions and activity.
  • All you need is an internet-connected device and SABX digital Xchange.
  • Create an account and enjoy a one-stop buying process with your preferred sellers.
  • No more funneling from website to email to sales meeting to get information and place orders.
  • Easily identify the sellers and products you need, and place your order online.
  • Have questions about pricing, programs or order requirements? Ask right from the app.
  • SABX digital Xchange is a single, full-service solution where you and your preferred sellers transact and interact in a fully encrypted, private and secure environment.
  • Find out how easy, efficient and direct buying can be.


The rest of our lives happens on our mobile devices, not tied to a certain place or time. It's time for workplace selling and buying to be the same.


You don't need tech support. Just register to invite connections and begin customizing your account.


Interact and transact with ease and efficiency through one, app-based digital Xchange.


Sellers can interact with 1000s of buyers with ease. Buyers gain 1:1 interaction with sellers.

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