Less Time on Orders,
More Time for Your Business

We’ll help you ditch manual processes and embrace digital purchasing.

Do You Hate Order Day?

Have you ever calculated the time you waste placing orders? How long it takes to keep up with brand and category trends, weigh pricing and program offers, plow through calls and meetings with sales reps? What if you could get it all done with one login? You can, with SABX.


End the Manual Labor of B2B Commerce

We get it. Placing a single order can take six interactions, at a minimum. Email. Phone. Meeting. Fax. Email. Phone. That’s what we call manual. Instead, we give you one login so you can purchase like you’re buying sneakers online.

Get real-time notifications on offers

Scroll through product, pricing and promotion updates

Communicate digitally with sellers

Streamline your buying process

Gain the time to scale further


Simplified Ordering, On One Platform

We’re here to help buyers reap the benefits of a digital economy, by eliminating manual processes and embracing digital purchasing. SABX empowers you to do more, with unlimited access to an unlimited number of sellers.


Seamless Communication.
Unlimited Access. One Login.

SABX Connect

SABX Connect

No more hassling with email, text and meetings. Easily scroll through seller announcements to get the product and pricing information you need from all your sellers. At once. With one login.

SABX Commerce


Quickly view the seller stores created for your business. Place orders, track order status and submit payment with ease from one platform. Track order status and monitor updates live as they move through the system.

SABX Mobile


With SABX, you’re truly remote-enabled. Seamlessly take your work from desktop to mobile and back again. You can take action anywhere with the SABX mobile app for iOS and Android. Free for every user.

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SABX Buyer Accounts are Free and Unlimited

Deliver customer-specific pricing and personalized offers, with a free mobile app that gives buyers the smooth, self-serve order experience they want.

We're here to simplify


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