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Getting Started with SABX

Click Get Started to sign up for a seller company account. In just a few minutes, you can register your seller company and customize your account for your business. If your company already has a seller account, we make it easy to join your company’s existing account.

Invite Your Team

Add people one at a time or in bulk, then set their permissions. You can do this step at any time.

Upload Media and Product Library

Upload and organize the images, videos and product information you’ll display in your SABX stores. You can add items one item at a time or in bulk, and label and categorize them for easy access.

Create and Manage Stores

Build custom ecommerce stores based on your go-to-market strategies. Create stores by channel, geography, price group, buyer category, you name it! It takes a few days to a few weeks to get up and running. Your buyers can see only the stores you assign to them. You retain complete control of pricing, margins and logistics.

Create Announcements

Leverage the digital power of SABX and communicate at scale. SABX Announcements allow you to cascade any sales-related information—such as new items, promotions, price changes, rebate programs and more—to any or all your buyers and direct link them to your stores and products. They’re also a powerful sales management tool for distributing sell sheets, communicating sales objectives, celebrating sales victories and more!

Connect and Interact with Unlimited Buyers

Collaborate with your approved buyers on one platform instead of juggling email, phone calls and meetings. With SABX Connect, you invite buyers into your private digital space and can easily manage and track topic-, order- and product- and announcement-specific communication from one place. SABX Connect empowers your sales team to work with buyers at scale.

Receive and Manage Orders

Manage and communicate order details and status updates from your SABX order management dashboard. With SABX, you can easily adjust an order and communicate the changes in real time to a buyer. You and your buyers view orders live as they move through the system.

Rest Easy with SABX Care

The SABX Mobile App, responsive issue resolution and best-in-class security ensure your SABX experience meets your needs while keeping your critical business data secure.

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